Materiality 5 Further Strengthening of Our Sustainable Management Base

We will tackle the strengthening of our management base, which is the foundation stone toward the realization of our long-term vision of being a company that supports the society of the future.

In our long-term vision, the Teijin Group advocates being a company that supports the society of the future. We have designated the three years from FY2020 to FY2022 as a period for creating growth platforms toward sustainable growth. We aim to achieve growth by creating and providing value in three fields of business—environmental value solutions; safety, security, and disaster mitigation solutions; and demographic change and increased health consciousness solutions.

Such growth cannot be realized without a sustainable management base. Therefore, we will endeavor to build an environment in which diverse human resources, the driving force toward the realization of our long-term vision, can be active and to train such human resources; to strengthen corporate governance, which is essential for sound and sustained growth; to promote corporate ethics and compliance activities as the basis of trust; to respond properly to various risks; to ensure information security, which is becoming increasingly important in the IT society; to engage in responsible procurement and manufacturing to gain customer trust; and to give due consideration to the environment, security and disaster prevention, and health.