R&D Strategies

With an aim to become an “enterprise that is essential to tomorrow’s society”, Teijin continuously promotes transformation by anticipating changes in the external environment, and conducts research and development that will continues to create new value at all times.

Under the medium-term management plan for 2017‐2019 named “ALWAYS EVOLVING”, the company is striving to improve core earnings through growth strategies, establish new core businesses through transformation strategies and strengthen group-wide management systems.

R&D Strategy for Growth Centered on Technology

Recognizing that technical innovations are the basis for corporate growth, Teijin has set a group-wide R&D strategy inclusive of basic research, and is strengthening alliances among group companies, aiming to expedite research achievements.

Teijin's core technologies assuring sustainable business growth and structural innovations are supported by various basic technologies in the fields of polymer science, drug discovery, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Based on these technologies, we are continuing to strengthen our R&D, specifying Environmental Value Solutions, Safety, Security and Disaster Mitigation Solutions, and Demographic Change and Increased Health Consciousness Solutions as priority technological domains.

Increased technological capabilities to realize a solutions-oriented business

In our materials business to date, we have taken a customer-oriented approach, maintaining healthy profits through proposal and supply of materials highly suited to customer needs and issues. However, under the conventional business model of a materials provider, there are certain limitations in creating new businesses with capacity for growth based on discovering the potential needs of customers and markets. For this reason, we plan to not only expand our existing technologies and strengthen our competitiveness but also implement customer-involved product development that combines cutting-edge materials with advanced processing technologies to develop unique components, materials and devices.

Furthermore, Teijin is aiming to provide customers and markets with valuable new solutions. To achieve this, we will strive for flexibility in combining materials through utilization of materials from wide-ranging domains both internally and externally.

Development in new healthcare business

Teijin will diversify its product and service lineups in the fields of medical equipment, digital healthcare, implantable medical products and functional food materials not only in the fields in the existing pharmaceuticals and home healthcare business. We also make every effort to establish a healthcare business platform for pre-symptomatic condition, diseases and nursing care, and new business using the group's information platform.

Cultivating technologically skilled human resources

Teijin Techno College

To realize sustainable corporate growth, we recognize that it is essential to have technological innovations and to develop technologically skilled human resources to propel these innovations forward.Our strong efforts to foster these skilled personnel that will forge the future of Teijin are numerous. For example, the Teijin 21st Century Forum, which aims to foster young researchers and create a network of researchers involved in polymer science and other chemical fields; the Teijin Technology Advisory Council, which has university professors and researchers from each field of specialty as its members and gives researchers an opportunity to discuss future technologies, innovative processes and technology trends; and last but not least, assigning young researchers to leading research institutions in Japan and internationally. We have also established the Teijin Techno College, an educational institution, where retired employees are involved as lecturers, passing on technical knowledge, skills and techniques to the next generation of R&D personnel.

Furthermore, we have the pleasure of having Dr. Ei-ichi Negishi of Purdue University, USA, who used be in a Teijin and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2010, as a Teijin Group Distinguished Fellow. He provides us with the consultations on the selected research themes.