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Teijin Brand


Under our brand statement "Human Chemistry, Human Solutions"—our promise to society and our customers, to respond to various global issues and needs, we are focusing on technological innovation in our strengths of high-performance materials, healthcare and IT as well as in overlapping business domains to create and provide value unique to the Teijin Group in the form of solutions. In doing so, the Teijin Group is aiming to be a prominent, globally admired corporate group.

The Teijin Brand Logo is designed to capture the creative energy of our brand statement: "Human Chemistry, Human Solutions." The Teijin Brand Logo expresses the vitality, dynamism, speed and initiative of the Teijin Group. It captures the spirit of our unceasing quest to develop chemical technologies that are friendly to people and the planet, and the enthusiasm we feel about providing the real value that our customers and society expect.

In particular, the fluid "J" symbolizes how the Teijin Group will continually grow and create new value.

The brand color for the Teijin Group is called "Teijin Challenge Red." It communicates the strong will and passion of the Teijin Group. It also represents the heartfelt trust we have won over many years of providing superior quality, reliability and safety.

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