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Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment

Teijin aim to provide patient centered products and services including non-insured medical areas by strengthening and expanding our business in pharmaceuticals and home healthcare fields, while also developing implantable medical devices and regenerative medicine fields.

Pharmaceutical Business

Bone and joint diseases

Osteoporosis Treatment: Bonalon®, Onealfa®, OSTABALO®
Transdermal analgesic anti-inflammatory agent : LOQOA® Tape

Respiratory diseases

Airway mucolytic agent: Mucosolvan®
Inhaled corticosteroid for asthma : Alvesco®

Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases

Anti-hyperuricemia agent : FEBURIC®

Therapeutic agent for type 2 diabetes mellitus : Nesina®, Liovel®, Inisync®, Zafatek®


Botulinum neurotoxin Serotype A : Xeomin®
Long-acting sustained -release somatostatin analogue : Somatuline®

Home Healthcare Business

Home oxygen therapy devices

Therapeutic oxygen concentrator : Hi-Sanso

Sleep disordered breathing related devices

CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) device : SLEEPMATE®

Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation devices

Adaptive servo-ventilator : AutoSet CS-A

Sonic accelerated fracture healing system

Sonic accelerated fracture healing system : SAFHS®

Community-based integrated care

Patient information sharing system : VitalLink®

  • *Bonalon® is a trademark of N.V. Organon.
  • *LOQOA® is a trademark of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..

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Implantable Medical Business

Implantable Medical Devices

Knee Replacement Products:FINE Total Knee System
Hip Replacement Products:UNIVERSIA Stem
Spinal System:Saccura Spinal System

  • *"FINE", "UNIVERSIA" and "Saccura" are registered trademarks of Teijin Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Bioresorbable materials:OSTEOTRANS ™-MX, OSTEOTRANS ™-OT
Cardiovascular patch:SYNFOLIUM

Regenerative Medicine Business

Regenerative medical products

Autologous Cultured Epidermis
Autologous Cultured Cartilage
Autologous Cultured Corneal Epithelium
Autologous Cultured Oral Mucosal Epithelium