Message from the President

Approaching Our Next 100 Years,
Teijin is Always Evolving to Support Future Society


The Teijin Group celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018, and now, based on our corporate philosophy of “Enhancing the Quality of Life,” “In Harmony with Society,” and “Empowering Our People,” we seek to become a company that supports future society as we approach the next century in our history. This means we will continue to create new value in order to offer solutions for the issues faced by humankind.

Future society will not simply be an extension of the present, but will bring rapid and significant change. Just as the Teijin Group has done over its past century, we aim to become an innovator that anticipates change instead of pursuing it. To accomplish this, we are expanding our materials business, which includes a diverse array of high-performance fibers, composites, resins, films and related products, and healthcare business, including pharmaceuticals and home healthcare equipment, as well as advancing into new fields by leveraging our competitive edge and key capabilities in these businesses. In the future, these two pillars together with support from our IT business will provide a core foundation of sustainable growth as we develop highly profitable new business through integration of these domains.

Our company’s establishment in 1918 was the direct result of persevering to develop and commercialize production technology for rayon, something which no one else in Japan had mastered before. The Teijin Group has already demonstrated its ability to continuously transform itself and grow, and now we can build upon that legacy. While respecting our diversity, valuing the personality of every individual and allowing each member of the group to demonstrate their unique abilities, we will ambitiously pursue ceaseless evolution to fulfill our vision.


Jun Suzuki
Jun Suzuki
President and CEO, Teijin Limited