Materiality 3 Safety and Security of People and Local Communities

The Teijin Group will contribute to developing a secure and resilient society with high-performance materials and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In our corporate philosophy, the Teijin Group advocates ensuring the quality of life. People cannot have quality of life if their safety and security are threatened. It is for this reason that we have identified “safety and security of people and local communities” as a materiality.

The Teijin Group has been supplying society with solutions using information technology and high-performance materials providing both security and functionality, such as aramid fiber, which can withstand the high temperatures of fires; super-light ceiling materials that reduce the risk of ceilings collapsing at times of earthquake disaster, and safety confirmation services. The frequency of natural disasters rises and it is impossible to reduce fires and accidents to zero. We are bearing these circumstances in mind and will further strengthen our products and technological development contributing to disaster prevention and mitigation and to reducing damage from disasters, crimes, and conflicts.

Furthermore, by means of our filters utilizing nano-level microtechnology and environmental engineering, we will contribute to ensuring safety and security on the environmental side by preventing the outflow of environment-polluting substances and microplastics, purification, and so on.

Safety, Security, and Disaster Mitigation Solutions

Burn Injury Assessment System Using Burn Mannequins (PLIFF®)

It is important to make preparations for safety, security, and disaster mitigation in order to protect human life and lifestyles from diverse risks including natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, fire, and accidents. The Teijin Group uses high-durability materials and the IoT to reduce and promptly restore damage from natural disasters and uses high heat resistant, high-durability materials and the IoT to protect people and lives from fire, traffic accidents, crimes, and so on. We also contribute to enhancing the work safety of firefighters engaged in on-site firefighting activities and others engaged in rescue and recovery operations when disasters and accidents occur as well as those involved in various construction essential for the maintenance of our lives.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution and Chemical Substance Management

The Teijin Group complies with various regulations on the prevention of environmental pollution and conducts comprehensive identification and management of hazardous chemical substances that can lead to the destruction of ecosystems and environmental pollution to achieve a target of improving the hazardous chemical substances emissions per sales unit by 20% by FY2030 compared to FY 2018.