Resources Recycling Initiatives

We promote resources recycling initiatives with a focus on reducing the amount of landfill waste.

Reduction of Landfill Waste

The Group’s targets (KPIs) for FY2030

By FY2030, improve the landfill waste volume per sales unit by 10% compared to FY2018

We are working to reduce landfill waste volume through such efforts as reusing and recycling waste. We are moving forward with proactive efforts to reduce landfill waste volume at Teijin Automotive Technologies U.S., which generates a particularly large volume of waste, including reducing the volume of plastic waste by improving the yield rate at each of Teijin Automotive Technologies U.S.'s factories.

In fiscal 2021, our landfill waste volume increased 33% compared with the previous fiscal year, to 17.8 thousand tons, due to temporary factors that accompanied the launch of new programs for automotive composites and the recovery in production activities from the COVID-19 pandemic. This result represented a worsening of 20% in per sales unit compared with the previous fiscal year, but it still was equivalent to the levels generated in fiscal 2019, prior to the pandemic.

Trends in landfill waste volume and volume per sales unit

  • *Landfill waste volume is calculated based on the amount of waste disposed of directly in landfills.
  • *The per sales unit has been assured since FY2021, and calculated by using consolidated net sales as the denominator.