Initiatives for Biodiversity

The Teijin Group is committed to the pursuit of a society capable of sustainable development. The Group considers biodiversity throughout the entire life cycle of its products, from raw material procurement to production and product utilization, in order to realize its corporate philosophy of "We place the highest priority on safety and the preservation of our natural environment," and strives to reduce environmental impact.

Risk of Loss of Biodiversity Due to Business Activities

The Teijin Group has created a "Risk Map of Biodiversity Loss Due to Business Activities" that visually presents the factors that affect biodiversity arising from business activities. We are developing conservation activities based on the recognition of the impact our business activities have on biodiversity. Regarding water risks, we have analyzed risks by manufacturing site, and although none of our sites currently face serious risks, we are adopting measures such as formulating projects to reduce water consumption in product cleaning processes at sites located in areas where there are concerns about restrictions on water consumption.

Risk Map of Biodiversity Loss Due to Business Activities

Main Initiatives

Fixed-point observations of wild birds

To confirm the safety of the reservoir and its significance in terms of biodiversity, and to deepen interest in the environment, the Teijin Limited , Iwakuni Factory, conducts the "Meeting on Fixed-point Observations of Wild Birds" every year, with the cooperation of the Wild Bird Society of Japan.
In FY2019, we conducted a meeting on January 18, 2020, and observed about 100 wild birds of eight species, including the tufted duck. The environmental conservation activities by Teijin Limited, have contributed to the maintenance of good water quality conditions. The activities were suspended in FY2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.