Global Environment

The Teijin Group defines its Global Environmental Charter in line with our corporate philosophy.

We strive to reduce environmental impact over the entire life cycle of products, including all processes from material procurement through to production, use, and disposal.

In Medium-Term Management Plan 2020-2022, the Group has designated "climate change mitigation and adaptation" as an important issue (materiality). Accordingly, the Group is leveraging lightweight and energy-efficient technologies to contribute to the transition to a carbon-free society. At the same time, the Group is making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its business activities.

We promote resources recycling initiatives with a focus on reducing the amount of landfill waste.

We are working to systematically reduce emissions of hazardous chemical substances associated with our business activities and commit to preventing environmental pollution.

In response to the increasingly critical water shortages and water pollution worldwide, the Teijin Group is endeavoring to reduce water consumption at business sites bearing in mind water-related risks, while promoting the efficient use of water resources.