Materiality 4 Realization of Healthy and Comfortable Living for People

The Teijin Group will contribute to maintaining human health and extending life spans through medical and health support and to realizing more comfortable life through the power of fibers.

In our corporate philosophy, the Teijin Group advocates ensuring the quality of life. Realizing people’s wish for good health and supporting a healthy and comfortable lifestyle will lead to enhancement of the quality of life. It is for this reason that we have identified the “realization of healthy and comfortable living for people” as a materiality.

The Teijin Group’s businesses relating to healthcare cover a wide range, from pharmaceuticals, home healthcare equipment, and artificial joints to various care services, health food product materials, and sleep support. In addition, amid moves to shift the site of medical treatment from hospitals to the local community (home), we are contributing greatly to community comprehensive care systems as well. Being able to support health and living from multiple directions in this way is one of our strengths. We will continue to respond to such social issues as health maintenance, improvement of patient QOL, and healthcare cost containment by displaying and bolstering our such strengths.

Demographic Change and Increased Health Consciousness Solutions

Barleymax® Super barley
Functional food ingredients backed by scientific evidence. This is something that Teijin can provide thanks to our technological capabilities cultivated in fibers and other materials as well as healthcare.

As demographic change continues across the globe, issues such as increasing lifestyle-related diseases and higher medical and nursing care costs are becoming more serious. These circumstances are increasing the needs for comprehensive community healthcare systems that extend healthy life expectancy and support patients. In response, Teijin is developing unique and diverse products and services ranging from pharmaceuticals to medical devices for home healthcare, digital healthcare services utilizing ICT, and functional food ingredients. We support the common desire of all human beings to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Improving Employee Health and Satisfaction

The company cannot expect to achieve sustainable growth without ensuring the occupational safety and the health and sanitary of employees. To provide workers with safe and healthy work environments, the Teijin Group is taking measures to eliminate occupational accidents, correct long working hours, and improve employee’s mental health.
We survey employee satisfaction in awareness questionnaires for all employees and make use of the results in management.