Product Liability and Quality Assurance

The Teijin Group rigorously complies with laws and regulations and customer contract stipulations pertaining to quality, while taking steps to establish a quality assurance structure that responds to its global development.

Product Liability / Quality Assurance Management System

The Teijin Group Product Liability / Quality Assurance Regulations apply to all Teijin Group products and services and are the basis for our product liability / quality assurance activities. Based on these regulations, the Group CSR Committee and the Group Product Liability / Quality Assurance Subcommittee decide the basic policies and associated targets for all product liability / quality assurance issues of the Teijin Group, and reflect them in product liability / quality assurance activities conducted by business groups (Unit).

We have also created an original unit-based management system for product liability / quality assurance that is applied to the products of each business group. This management system aims to enhance customer satisfaction, prevent product defects, and ensure appropriate responses in the event that defects occur. The system not only covers the whole scope of the ISO standards for quality management systems but also incorporates perspectives of product liability / quality assurance, such as response to customers and product safety.

Group-wide product liability / quality assurance system

Implementation of Product Liability / Quality Assurance Audits

Product liability / quality assurance activities are conducted as the responsibility of each product liability / quality assurance unit. The CSR and Compliance Department, which is in charge of supervising Group-wide quality, audits these activities and checks that product liability / quality assurance mechanisms are operating appropriately.

In FY2019, we conducted regular audits of 11 business units and 6 directly managed companies with the objective of verifying operational status. Based on feedback from the audit results, we are continually enhancing the product liability / quality assurance system and process.

Current status of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, and other certifications

As of April 1, 2019

(25 companies, 52 factories)
Teijin (Matsuyama Polymer Factory 1, Conex Factory, Technora Factory, Resin [Matsuyama Production Division, Mihara Production Division], TF Factory, Mishima Business Site, Ibigawa Business Site, Composites Development and Production Center [Matsuyama], Medical Device Business Development Project [Hino])
Teijin Frontier
Teijin Tedy
Teijin Cordley (Mihara, Shimane)
Teijin Modern Yarn (Komatsu, Kaga)
Frontier Tex
Shinwa Limited (Modern Yarn Business Division [Komatsu], Knit Business Division [Shibayama])
Kansai Shizai
GH Craft (Funakubo, Itazuma)
Hiroshima Plastic
Kinkai Chemicals
Teijin Pharma (Iwakuni Medical Plant, Home Medical Care Technical Service Center, Medical Quality Assurance Department)
Infocom East Japan
Infocom West Japan
Teijin Nakashima Medical
Teijin Medical Technologies
Teijin Engineering (Osaka, Iwakuni, Matsuyama, Tokyo)
Teijin Eco-Science (Ibaragi Technical Center, Hamura Technical Center, Matsuyama Technical Center, Matsuyama Factory)
Teijin Logistics (Osaka, Ehime, Tokuyama, Tokyo, Hokuriku, Tokai)
Toho Chemical Engineering & Construction
Toho Machinery
20 companies, 40 factories)
  • China: Nantong Teijin, N.I. Teijin Airbag Fabric (Nantong), Nantong Teijin Automotive Fabrics Finishing (Nantong), Chemicals
  • Plastic Compounds (Shanghai), Teijin Polycarbonate China, Teijin Medical Device (Shanghai)
  • Korea: Teijin Lielsort Korea
  • Thailand: Teijin Polyester (Thailand), Teijin (Thailand), Teijin Cord (Thailand), Thai Namsiri Intertex (two factories,)Teijin FRA Tire Cord (Thailand)
  • USA: Teijin Carbon America, Continental Structural Plastics Holdings (head office, 12 factories)
  • Germany: Teijin Carbon Europe (two factories), J. H. Ziegler (four factories)
  • Netherlands: Teijin Aramid (three factories)
  • Spain: Esteve Teijin Healthcare
  • Portugal: Inapal Plasticos (two factories)