Fine Carbon Fiber

Teijin has developed pitch based fine carbon fibers (PotenCia™) , which can be applied as additives for lithium ion battery (LIB) system.

PotenCia™ for High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries

PotenCia™ has many features compared to conventional carbon black and carbon nanotube (CNT), such as long length, high dispersibility, highly electrical conductivity etc. When used in LIB system, PotenCia™ indicates higher performance and can improve durability of battery with low concentration. Development of high capacity LIB with thicker electrode and/or higher density is now in trend and PotenCia™ can be applied with higher for those LIB, performance*.

  • *Electrochemical Society of Japan (ECSJ) 81st Meeting, 2Q12, Improvement of the high-rate characteristics of the thick electrode with carbon nanofiber, Kazuki Yachi, Shinya Komura, Ryota Hirakawa, Takahiro Daidou, Takashi Shiro.
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