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QI understand that Teijin's corporate philosophy focuses on "quality of life." In what sense do you use this phrase?


The Teijin Group's corporate philosophy comprises three components: "Enhancing the quality of life through a deep insight into human nature and needs, together with the application of our creative abilities" "Growing in harmony with society" and "Empowering our people."We use "quality of life" in a broad sense, to mean the fulfillment that comes from general well-being, good health, security and contentment and from having work and interests and enjoying human contact, as well as the importance of all life on our planet. As this indicates, the Teijin Group believes firmly that companies exist to create value for people and contribute to their happiness.

QCan you give us a brief outline of Teijin's operations?


Teijin conducts business in more than 20 countries in two main business segments: the Materials Business, which involves high-performance materials and Composites; the Healthcare Business, which is engaged in Pharmaceuticals and Home Healthcare.

QCan you tell us about Teijin's history?


Teijin was established in 1918 and was the first company in Japan to produce rayon yarn. In 1958, we launched our Polyester Fibers business. Since then, we have leveraged our basic chemical technologies to establish Teijin as a leading Fibers manufacturer. We have capitalized on our technological expertise and experience in fibers to shift our operations to a diverse range of high-performance materials in the Materials Business field, including aramid fibers, carbon fibers, polycarbonate resin and composites. We have also expanded our operations to business fields such as pharmaceuticals and home healthcare, as well as Fibers & Products Converting and IT. Today, the Materials Business and the Healthcare Business are the two main pillars supporting Teijin.

QWhat is the makeup of Teijin's Board of Directors, Board of Auditors and Advisory Board?


Four of the directors are independent individuals appointed from outside the Group. To separate responsibilities for monitoring/supervision and those for internal operations, the Teijin Limited Chairman of the Board (counselor or outside director in the case that the chairman in absent) is not involved as a corporate officer.The Board of Statutory Auditors consists of five members and is in charge of overseeing and auditing management. The majority (three) of the Statutory Auditors are independent and appointed from outside the Group to ensure outward transparency in management.The Advisory Board is a consultative body to the Board of Directors. It is comprised of five to seven Japanese and non-Japanese outside experts, the chairman or a senior advisor, and the CEO of Teijin Limited.

QWhat sort of corporate governance structure has Teijin established?


To reinforce monitoring/auditing functions and fulfill our responsibilities to our shareholders, employees, creditors, customers, suppliers, consumers,and local residents and communities, we have sought to boost transparency, ensure fairness, guarantee objectivity and accelerate decision making through, among others, a corporate governance structure comprising the Advisory Board, Board of Auditors, and Board of Directors and corporate officers.

QWhat is the Teijin brand's promise to customers and society?


Corporate brands are increasingly influential in determining public perceptions of a company's operating activities and corporate value. Our brand statement--"Human Chemistry, Human Solutions"--summarizes our brand strategy, which is to continue to develop chemical technologies that are friendly to both people and the global environment and to keep providing solutions that deliver the real value that society and our customers expect.

QWhat is Teijin's basic philosophy regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR)?


The Teijin Group believes that the survival and prosperity of any corporate entity depends on the survival and prosperity of society. Accordingly, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen and earning the trust of society. To this end, we have made "Growing in harmony with society" a key component of our coporate philosophy. To achieve an ideal balance between economical activities and social activities in business management, we appoint the Chief Social Responsibility Officer in charge of ESH, corporate ethics, compliance and social responsibility.

QHow is Teijin approaching corporate ethics issues?


We believe that observing a strict code of corporate ethics should be an essential core value for any corporate entity. Through training programs for executives and employees, as well as through our annual Corporate Ethics Week, we are endeavoring to promote greater awareness of corporate ethics among executives and employees at all levels. To ensure the ongoing relevance of our corporate ethics guidelines and related activities, we use surveys and hotlines, information from which is used to help us gauge the effectiveness of efforts, address issues and communicate with employees.

QWhat steps is Teijin taking to grow with local communities and residents?


As a conscientious corporate citizen, we recognize our responsibilities as a member of the many local communities in which we operate as well as the wider global community. We also believe we have a responsibility to establish a solid relationship, built on trust, with the public by creating opportunities for interaction. Accordingly, we are promoting a variety of programs at our plants and offices in Japan and overseas designed to enhance our ties to local communities.

Shares / Dividends / Return to Shareholders

QI live overseas. Who do I contact regarding various administrative matters?


Please contact Teijin's transfer agent, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, at the following address:
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Corporate Agency Division
4-5, Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8212, Japan

QWhat is Teijin's shareholder return policy?


Our basic policy for profit sharing is to ensure dividends are in line with consolidated operating results, targeting a consolidated payout ratio of 30% for the medium term. We will also determine dividends by giving consideration to the need to ensure financial soundness, to our ability to maintain stable dividend payments over the medium to long term, and to securing sufficient internal reserves to fund strategic investments aimed at ensuring future growth.

QWhen is Teijin's next ordinary general meeting of shareholders?


The General Meeting of Shareholders for the fiscal year ended March 2022 was held on June 22, 2022. The General Meeting of Shareholders for the fiscal year ending March 2023 is scheduled to be held on the similar time in 2023.


QWho do I contact for information on Teijin's products?


For information on Teijin Group products and services, please contact the relevant Group company. The Contact Us page of this web site contains product, service and brand information, as well as contact information for Group companies. Please click on the appropriate name to access individual Group company web sites.