Social Contributions

Promoting Group-wide Social Contributions

Basic Stance

To realize parts of our corporate philosophy of “In Harmony with Society” and “Empowering Our People”, through conducting social contribution activities that draw on the unique characteristics of business groups and business sites, we support the development of local communities. In addition, we are engaged in group-wide activities and we are working to foster a corporate culture that vitalizes development of volunteer personnel.

Code of Conduct


We act with integrity in compliance with laws and regulations, and show respect for human rights and local communities in which we operate.

Teijin Group Basic Policies for Social Contributions

  • 1
    Social contribution activities are positioned as a pursuit of the Teijin Group corporate philosophy and as practical implementation of the Code of Conduct.
  • 2
    Social contribution activities are to be implemented proactively, and show respect for the particular characteristics of the business and region.
  • 3
    Volunteer activities of employees are encouraged and support shall be provided to foster volunteer personnel.
  • 4
    Priority fields in social contributions in terms of group-wide activities are the environment, international exchange and social education.
  • 5
    Donations shall be made according to need for humanitarian purposes such as after natural disasters.

Teijin Group System to Promote Social Contribution Activities

Based on the Corporate Code of Conduct, the Teijin Group promotes social contribution activities in each business group and business site from the standpoints of science and education, culture, sports activities, environmental preservation activities and disaster prevention activities.

In addition, the CSR Planning and Promotion Department plays a central role in supporting volunteer activities and proposing Group-wide social contribution programs in which employees can easily engage. Through these programs, we are fostering human resources who can participate independently in and promote social contribution activities.

Expenses of Social Contribution Activities in FY2017

Since joining the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) 1% Club in FY2003, the Teijin Group has been aiming to set aside at least 1% of ordinary income for social contribution costs. Expenses of social contribution activities in FY2017 were approximately 753 million yen, 1.1% of ordinary income.

Expenses of Social Contribution Activities in FY2017a red star

(Unit: percent) Science and research: 74.5, Health, medicine and sports: 6.8, Education and social education: 4.9, Local community activities: 4.3, Social welfare and social inclusion: 2.9, Environment: 1.7, Support for disaster-stricken areas: 1.4 , Others: 3.5, Total amount approx..750 million yen ,

  • *
    The categories in the above graph correspond to the items of the Keidanren 1% Club of which the Teijin Group is a member.

Breakdown of Expenses of Social Contribution Activities in FY2017a red star

Item Description Amount (millions of yen)
Monetary Monetary donations and other expenses for social contribution activities 599
Donations of goods Donations of our products and other goods to social welfare organizations 7
Free renting of
company facilities
Expenses for free renting of company facilities such as gyms and playgrounds 40
of employees
Personnel expenses for employees who participated in philanthropic activities during their work hours, such as joining local events as part of their work, and employees who gave lectures at meetings 107
Total   753
  • Data for all group companies, based on the Keidanren "Procedures for Implementing FY2017 Survey on Results of Corporate Philanthropic Activities".