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Training Leaders

Training Employees for Leadership

The Teijin group, operating in over 20 countries worldwide, is growing globally and expanding its businesses. We are training people for leadership, and instituting a variety of programs to promote Teijin's corporate philosophy and basic values. Teijin group companies are dedicated to building employee management and leadership skills.

"EaGLES" leadership training

EaGLES is a leadership training program fostering employees newly assigned to management positions. This program is implemented through group discussion and case studies, and it builds management skills and understanding of Teijin's corporate philosophy and values. Training is offered in 3 languages - Japanese, English, and Chinese.

"STRETCH" and JuMP 'Core' training programs

Teijin's STRETCH (Strategic Executive Team Challenge) program is implemented worldwide to train a future core management group to lead Teijin's global activities. JuMP (Junior Management Program) is in place to foster mid-level 'core' candidate employees.