Sustainability Awareness Activities at TEIJIN

While pursuing sustainable activities, the Teijin Group promotes awareness activities within the Company so as to further all employee's understanding.

Code of Conduct Video

Teijin will always be evolving as each and every employee is aware of the "Code of Conduct". We release the videos with subtitles in local languages of all regions and countries in which the Teijin Group operates to provide employees around the world to raise them interest in the "Code of Conduct" and help their better understandings of it.

Pamphlet "together" to raise awareness of diversity

We promote diversity and inclusion as a management strategy. We have also issued a pamphlet entitled "together" to raise awareness of diversity every year since 2002. Starting with the 2020 version, in addition to the Japanese version, an English version is prepared so that it can be distributed to all group employees.

Handbook "Teijin Group and SDGs"

We have created a handbook "Teijin Group and SDGs" to deepen everyone's understanding of the SDGs.