For Investors

IR Basic Policy

Basic Policy

  1. 1.Teijin Limited and Teijin Group companies have a basic policy of providing company information to all stakeholders in a timely, fair, accurate, and consistent manner.
  2. 2.A management priority is to build a relationship of trust with shareholders and investors in particular, and therefore, we shall actively endeavor to enhance information disclosure and two-way communication.
  3. 3.We believe that accountability is an essential requirement in securing effective corporate governance.

Disclosure Standards

  1. 1.We will promptly disclose information in a fair, accurate, clear, timely and ongoing manner in accordance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, corporate law the various regulations like and Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuer of Listed Security of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) etc. (hereinafter "timely disclosure rules"). Moreover, for those matters that cannot be disclosed due to an unfavorable impact on business operations, the reason for such must be clearly stated at the time of explanation.
  2. 2.Information that is not considered important information as established under the laws or regulations, or under rules timely disclosure, but is deemed to be of use to shareholders and investors-with the exception of information pertaining to the competitive strategies of individual businesses or highly confidential management information-will be disclosed fairly, accurately, clearly and in a timely and ongoing manner, irrespective of whether this is advantageous or disadvantageous to us.

Disclosure Methods

  1. 1.Information that is considered important under the timely disclosure rules shall be disclosed in accordance with said rules via the TSE's timely disclosure information system (TDnet), in addition to explanations provided to the TSE.
  2. 2.Information under Financial Instruments and Exchange Law shall be disclosed in accordance with said rules via the Financial Services Agency's Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork (EDINET), in addition to explanations provided to the Financial Services Agency.
  3. 3.Information other than the above that is considered to affect investor decisions will also be promptly disclosed as required depending on the importance and urgency of that information through press releases, press conferences, or information sessions.
  4. 4.Information disclosed in accordance with (1) and (2) above will be posted on the Teijin website ("the Website") immediately after disclosure. Further, for the convenience of shareholders and investors, we will endeavor to provide Japanese and English versions of the information disclosed.
  5. 5.In addition to improving the "For Investors" section of the Website, we will also endeavor to provide information appropriately in a variety of media, and disclose easy-to-understand information in an environment easily accessible by shareholders and investors through a range of information media including information sessions and various printed materials.

Quiet Period

In the weeks leading up the announcement of each quarterly and annual results, we shall employ a quiet period so as to prevent any leakage of financial information and to maintain impartiality. Please note that during this time, we will not provide answers to comments or questions received in relation to the accounts etc. However, if the deviation from the outlook is obviously equal to the range of that specified under the timely disclosure rules during the quiet period, then we shall disclose information as required through press releases, etc.