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Matsuyama Factory

Matsuyama Factory is Teijin's largest factory in Japan with plants for multiple businesses.

The North Plant
77, Kitayoshidamachi, Matsuyama, Ehime 791-8530, Japan
TEL : +81-89-971-1000
The South Plant
2345, Nishihabumachi, Matsuyama, Ehime 791-8044, Japan
TEL : +81-89-973-7700
  • The North Plant
  • The South Plant
  • The North Plant
    15-minute taxi ride from Matsuyama Station, JR Yosan Line
    10-minute walk from Matsuyama Airport
  • The South Plant
    25-minute taxi ride from Matsuyama Station, JR Yosan Line
    10-minute taxi ride from Matsuyama Airport

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Teijin's core factory for material-related products

Teijin supplies various high-performance and advanced materials and products to the global market. Teijin Matsuyama Factory is the largest office at Teijin's facilities in Japan, which operates multiple R&D centers and commercial plants.
It fully supports a wide variety of Teijin's material-related business as a core facility for the R&D and production of polycarbonate resin Panlite®, high strength para-aramid fiber Technora®, high-performance membrane miraim® and others.

Aiming to become a solution partner for global automakers with the world's first technology for mass-producing CFRTP

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) has been attracting attention from the automotive industry as eco-friendly automotive components to realize energy saving and lower CO2 emissions. Teijin developed a technology that allows carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) to be molded with a production interval time - or takt-time- of just one minute, and in 2012, the Matsuyama Factory saw the launch of the world's first pilot plant to achieve continuous and comprehensive production of CFRTP. The improved production efficiency makes mass production feasible and will contribute a lot to the adoption of CFRTP in mass-produced vehicles.

In addition to stepping up joint-developments with domestic and international automakers, Teijin is also looking beyond the automotive field aiming to establish new markets for CFRP. We are working in various areas to encourage its use in general industry such as machine tools and robots, that are increasingly required to be lightweight. By making full use of this facility, we will be moving aggressively to expand markets for both automotive and general industrial applications. In short, we will be ensuring that our new material spreads its wings and fly "from Matsuyama to the world."


October 1955 Matsuyama Factory was established and begun producing semisynthetic acetate fibers
June 1958

Began producing Tetoron® polyester fiber

November 1960 Began producing Panlite® polycarbonate resin
July 1970 Ehime Factory (currently Matsuyama Factory the South Plant) was established and integrated operation system of polyester fiber production from raw materials to final products began
July 1987 Matsuyama and Ehime Factories merged to form Matsuyama Factory
September 1987

Began producing Technora® para-aramid fiber

December 2012 A pilot plant for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) production was established
August 2015 Technology Development Center was established