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Iwakuni Factory

A business complex featuring plants and research laboratories for high-performance fibers, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

2-1, Hinodemachi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 740-8511, Japan
TEL : +81-827-24-6500

10-minute walk from Iwakuni Station, JR Sanyo Main Line, east exit. 5-minute taxi ride from JR Iwakuni Station, west exit
25-minute taxi ride from Shin-Iwakuni Station, JR Sanyo Shinkansen
5-minute taxi ride from Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport

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Home Healthcare

Meta-aramid Fiber Teijinconex®

Characteristic / Efforts

Offering a stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

Teijin supplies unique pharmaceuticals and home healthcare in three key therapeutic areas: bone and joint, respiratory, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Iwakuni Factory has the main plants for our pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and also has research laboratories for pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and development facilities for medical equipment. The comprehensive framework from the R&D to the production phasesallows us to swiftly supply high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to the patients in need.
Regarding the pharmaceuticals production, we deploy the latest technologies and quality assurance systems to ensure the stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals. In the area of medical equipment, our ISO-certified plant we endeavor to maintain and improve comprehensive operation from development to production and build quality assurance systems that allow us to supply high-quality and highly-reliable products in our ISO-certified plant.

High-performance fibers that offer a range of solutions based on proprietary technology developments

Iwakuni Factory produces high-performance fibers such as the Teijinconex® meta-aramid fiber. This material, which was developed using our proprietary technologies, offers superior heat-resistance and flame-retardancy.
The Teijinconex® meta-aramid fiber offers a wide range of solutions for uses where both high-performance and safety are demanded, such as in industrial materials. It is commonly used for protective apparels such as firefighting uniforms, automobile hoses, heat-resistant filters and copy cleaners, and further increases presence in global markets.

Long R&D history leading to the development of advanced materials

Established in 1952, the research laboratory has been cultivating the base technologies that form the core of Teijin's R&D in the field of polymer chemistry, andcontributing to the commercialization and development of high-performance fibers such as polyester and aramid fibers.
Innovation Research Institute (currently Iwakuni R&D Center), established in 2008, centralizes functions to create new businesses and delivers effective support for commercializations for newly-developed products.

Aiming for coexistence with the local community

The Iwakuni Factory is striving to operate in concert with people in local area, and is therefore continuously engaged in community-rooted activities. Not only do we take part in and support local events, we also hold a sales event to purchase final products made from Teijin's materials for local residents. We are proactively organizing events that involve local residents, and creating opportinities for people to get to know and learn more about Teijin.
We also place priority onour responsibilities and always endeavor to raise awareness toward the environment. As an example of the success of our efforts to protect the environment, the balancing reservoir for receiving wastewater from the factory is very popular for wildbirds.


January 1927

Iwakuni Factory was established and begun producing rayon filaments

September 1952

Production-technology Research Laboratory was established for basic research on polymer science and polymer engineering

April 1971 Began producing Teijinconex® meta-aramid fiber
January 1978 The Iwakuni Pharmaceutical Facility was established and began producing pharmaceuticals
October 1982 Began sales of Mildsanso, Japan's first membrane-type oxygen concentrator
Iwakuni Factory became Teijin's main base for home healthcare equipment ever since
April 2008 Innovation Research Institute (currently Iwakuni R&D Center) was established