Main Activities

The Teijin Group provides conduct standard for preventing corruption in the Teijin Group Corporate Ethics Handbook and thoroughly informs employees about those standards.

In addition, entertainment with public institutions such as governmental organizations is in principle prohibited, but in cases of transactions with public institutions, when payment is made for benefits such as entertainment and gifts or donations are provided with a reasonable basis, prior approval by the designated responsible person is required.

In addition, we perform due diligence to confirm the eligibility of potential business partners from the perspective of preventing corruption conducted by external partners. We also conduct appropriate due diligence of target companies when conducting corporate acquisitions to confirm that there is no past or current corruption. We require new business partners to comply with our CSR procurement policies including the prohibition of bribery.

While taking these measures, we regularly conduct compliance education and training relating to anti-corruption and conduct internal audits.

FY2020 Activity Results

Risk assessment

In FY2019, we conducted assessments of the domestic and overseas sales functions of each Teijin group company in order to study the exposure of the risk of corruption throughout the entire group companies. The results did not identify any sales departments with significant corruption risks. In business with public institutions including governmental organizations, however, it was recommended that development of management systems and regular and proper trainings be conducted preferentially in accordance with Teijin Limited fundamental policies, taking into consideration characteristics at the site of business.
In FY2020, we confirmed the rules for preventing corruption in all business divisions.


At the June 2020 CSR Committee meeting, we held an anti-corruption compliance lecture conducted by an outside attorney. Training with the same content was conducted for compliance personnel in each division.

Status of violations of laws and regulations relating to corruption

There were no incidents resulting in employee discharge or the imposition of legal measures for corrupt conduct in FY2020.

Future Issues

We periodically conduct internal audits and risk assessment surveys and assess and review (the PDCA cycle) management systems for the prevention of corruption so that we can maintain ongoing and effective management in accordance with rules.

In addition, we will encourage Group employees who encounter corruption and other risks to make extensive use of consultation hotlines and reporting systems, and for outside business partners, we will proceed with development in stages including education and the creation of channels for the provision of information.

Status of the Provision of Capital

In principle, the Teijin Group does not make political donations. In the case of expenditures necessary for the conduct of business, however, donations may be made within the scope of relevant regulations and in accordance with the Regulations for Teijin Group Responsibilities and Authorities. No direct donations were made to specific political parties in FY2020.

Also, within the Teijin Group, Teijin Pharma Limited, which engages in the pharmaceutical business, established a policy relating to transparency in relationships with medical institutions and discloses the status of the provision of funds to such organizations in accordance with that policy.