Ethical Reporting Desk

Corporate Ethics Infringements:
Queries and Reports from Business Partners

In order to further enhance corporate ethics throughout the Teijin Group, we welcome contact from contractors and other business partners who wish to query or report any suspected or actual violation of law or infringement of corporate ethics by the Teijin Group (except queries or reports that are slanderous or malicious in intent).

Provided a query or report is not slanderous or malicious in intent, the Teijin Group's corporate ethics regulations guarantee that the business partner who made it will suffer no disadvantage as a result.

To make a query or report, please contact:
CSR and Compliance Department Teijin Limited
  • *This contact point has been established specifically to receive reports and queries concerning infringements of corporate ethics by the Teijin Group. If you have general comments or questions about the Teijin Group, please click "Contact us" at the bottom right of this screen. Please refrain from using this contact point to advertise services or solicit for business.
Ethical Reporting Desk