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Co-sponsorship of the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament

Since 1991, the Teijin Group has been a co-sponsor of the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament, in an effort to support amateur and youth sports.

Outline of the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament

The All Japan High School Soccer Tournament has been held for more than 100 years since its first event took place in 1917, boasting a particularly long history among high school sports competitions organized in the country. Taking place annually during the winter school holidays, the nationwide event is widely known as a traditional "winter feature," and wows a lot of fans each year. Many top Japanese footballers playing for professional clubs around the world have competed in this time-honored high school championship of the sport.

Reasons for the Teijin Group's Co-sponsorship

The Teijin Group is committed to "enhancing the quality of life" and "growing in harmony with society," as stated in its corporate philosophy, and considers the significance of supporting amateur and youth sports as part of this commitment. In 1991, based on this consideration, we started to co-sponsor the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament. Also, the Group manufactures a number of products used in equipment and outfits for the sport, high-performance fabrics DELTA® for soccer uniforms and sportswear, and artificial leather Cordley® for soccer balls and cleats. So, as a supplier to the soccer industry, we endeavor to contribute to the further development of the sport.

Major Co-sponsorship Activities

Donating original soccer balls to qualifying schools

Every year starting in 1996, the Teijin Group donates original soccer balls made with its artificial leather Cordley® to schools which have got through the qualifying round.

Providing original masks to participants in the tournament

In the 99th event held in fiscal 2020 with measures taken against COVID-19, we provided for free roughly 6,000 original high-performance masks using materials manufactured by the Teijin Group to contestants and staff from participating schools as well as staff of the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament.