LIELSORT®Teijin's Coating Technology

Forming a Polymeric Layer with a Fine Porous Structure

Teijin successfully developed LIELSORT using a polyolefin base film with a polymeric microporous layer uniformly coated by its proprietary coating technologies.

Simultaneous Coating

Teijin used our expertise in polymeric chemistry acquired over a long period of time to develop the world's first technology for simultaneously coating both sides of a base separator. We also developed a high-speed coating technology that is five times faster than conventional coating. Our coating capabilities live up to customers' expectations.

Adhesion Type LIELSORT®

Coating fluorine-based compound

Before heat pressing
Adhesion between electrodes and LIELSORT is easily achieved by a simple heat pressing.

Heat Resistance Type LIELSORT®

Coating Teijinconex meta-aramids

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Responding to the diversified needs of customers, our product line-up includes various types of coating separators such as Adhesion Type LIELSORT, Heat Resistance Type LIELSORT and Hybrid Type LIELSORT that has both adhesion and heat resistance properties. We also continuously develop a new type of coating separator product to broaden our product line-up in order to meet emerging market needs.