LIELSORT®Product Information

The separators in lithium-ion batteries are impregnated with electrolyte to enable ion conduction between the cathode and anode while electrically isolating them to prevent short circuits. But conventional polyolefin separators are unable to meet the growing need for higher energy density, higher capacity, a longer cycle life, and higher reliability.

Designed to meet these emerging market needs, LIELSORT, employing Teijin's unique polymer and coating technologies, forms a functional layer with a uniform, fine porous structure to a polyolefin microporous base film on either one side or both sides of it in order to improve LIB performance.

LIELSORT is widely used in LIBs for rapidly evolving consumer electronics applications such as smartphones and tablet PCs, hybrid and electric vehicles, energy storage, power tools and others. The use of our LIELSORT separator improves the performance of LIBs and enhances their potentials.