Ultra-lightweight Ceiling Material kal-ten Improving Indoor Safety

Demand for
Safer Ceiling Material

When the Great East Japan Earthquake hit, it caused extensive damage, such as the collapse and fall of many ceilings in gymnasiums and large retail stores. This experience renewed awareness of the danger of falling ceilings and led to a revision of Japanese law, strengthening measures for ceiling safety.

Overwhelming Lightness

Teijin's ultra-lightweight ceiling material kal-ten, created using polyester fiber, weighs about 700 g/m2, around one tenth of the plasterboard generally used as ceiling material. kal-ten meets the stipulations about inflammable material in the Building Standards Law, as well as having excellent heat-insulating properties.

Supporting People's Safety

With its light and soft construction, kal-ten minimizes the risks of injury or becoming trapped under heavy weight even if an earthquake causes a ceiling to fall. In large buildings such as gymnasiums, indoor pools, airports and large retail stores, kal-ten improves indoor safety and provides peace of mind.

Supporting the Safety of Firefighters with Flameproof Solutions

Made for Hazardous Environments

The growing number of high-rise buildings and reinforced concrete houses being built has increasingly led to firefighters entering buildings to fight fires at their source. In these conditions, fires are at their most intense and dangerous, so firefighters must be equipped with special protection from blazing heat and roaring flames. Firefighting gear needs to have excellent insulation against heat and flame-retardant properties to protect firefighters from harm.

Top-level Protection

Fabrics made using meta-aramid fiber Teijinconex, which features heat-resistance to over 400°C and excellent flame-retardant qualities, are often used in firefighting gear. Teijin uses PLIFF (Protect Life From Fire), a burn evaluation system based on international standards. Through experimentation with thermal mannequins, Teijin can accurately verify the degree of burn damage, and strives to develop protective clothing capable of enduring intense fire conditions.

Improved Comfort

Furthermore, by combining Teijin's high tensile strength para-aramid fibers, Technora and Twaron, Teijin has developed thinner and lighter material for firefighting gear, without compromising fabric strength or comfort. Thanks to the combination of lightness and insulation against heat, the physical burden of gear is reduced and firefighters can move more freely. Teijin protects the lives of firefighters who protect people from fire. We will continue to develop that protection.

Burn Evaluation System,
PLIFF (Protect Life From Fire)