Creation of New Businesses

Teijin is pressing forward with development of cutting-edge technologies to create new businesses, aiming to create an expansive business portfolio and realize ultimately sustainable growth. For expediting new business creation, new business fields are now under development by combining and integrating our strengths in material, healthcare and IT technologies.

Priority R&D Fields

In the priority fields of information and electronics, and new healthcare, we are intensifying development efforts aiming to fast-track creation of new businesses in these fields.

In the information and electronics field, we have developed an innovative separators for lithium ion batteries (LIBs), for which there is increasing demand for higher safety. Two types of separator have been developed: one coated with an aramid layer on both sides for heat resistance and durability; and another for laminated LIBs coated with a fluorine-based compound. We produce and distribute of the separators for LIBs under the brand name LIELSORT on a full scale.

Development of high-performance microporous membrane (miraim) with pore diameters widely ranging from nano to micrometer scales will be also launched on a full scale. With high fillability with fine ceramic particles and high f resin impregnability, in baddition to the foreign-body filters and waterproof moisture-permeability, miraim will be broadly applied as a reinforcing material for supporting various functional materials.

Recopick RFID information-management system using two-dimentional communication sheet CELL FORM will be expanded to the management system of goods such as medical devices and literatures/ confidential documents.

In the field of new healthcare, Teijin is striving to create new business fields such as implanted medical divice and regenerative medical products. In the field of orthopedic surgery, Teijin Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd. was established for expanding joint prostheses business. In the cardiovascular field, we will continue to strive at developing regenerative and extensive cardio-repair patches as a medical engineering collaboration business promotion project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).


Information and Electronics
Separators for lithium-ion batteries
High-performance membrane
Liquid filter PE (polyethylene) base materials
Management of medical device inventory
Management of confidential documents
Online reservations and self-checkout

RFID technology for automatic inventory management Recopick


New Healthcare Orthopedic implantable devices、Regenerative medicine