Cultivating Technologically Skilled Human Resources

Teijin Techno College

For sustainable corporate growth, it is essential to foster technological innovations and cultivate technologically skilled human resources who can propel these innovations forward.
Teijin is focusing on cultivating human resources who can lead the creation of innovation through the "idea proposal program," in which participants propose and discuss ideas to create new businesses; through a "Teijin Group Research & Technology Conference" intended to deepen the understanding of technologies and accelerate new business development, in which a range of human resources participate for mutual exchange and collaboration; and through the dispatch of young in-house researchers to leading-edge research institutes within and outside Japan.
Moreover, we hold the "Teijin Mirai Forum" to build a network of researchers specializing in chemistry, particularly in the field of polymer chemistry, and to foster the growth of young researchers. We also provide employees with opportunities to discuss with researchers about future technologies, innovative processes and technological trends through the "Teijin Technology Advisory Council", which is composed of university professors and researchers from various fields of specialization.

Furthermore, through the "Teijin Techno College", for which retired employees serve as lecturers, we are working to pass down the knowledge, skills and techniques accumulated on-site at our facilities to younger generations.