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Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resin

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin is used for various of applications, such as packaging, industrial parts and sheets etc. PET has excellent characteristics such as high transparency, high mechanical and excellent gas barrier properties.
Teijin has newly developed / introduced PET resin, which employs titanium compound as catalyst. It is a completely new catalyst that solves the drawbacks of conventional titanium catalysts in addition Teijin also provide antimony catalyst PET resin.


The features of new titanium catalyst PET are as below.
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Titanium catalyst PET

  1. 1.Stable supply:

    Antimony and germanium compounds are commonly used as PET polymerization catalysts, however these metals are distributed only in limited areas.

  2. 2.Safety:

    Titanium is one of biocompatible materials that has been used for dental purposes.

  3. 3.Environment friendly:

    Only a small amount of our titanium compound are used compared to other catalysts. (approximately 1/20 the amount of antimony compound, and approximately 1/10 the amount of germanium compound). Only trace residue would be observed in incineration process.

  4. 4.Aesthetic appearance:

    PET resin produced with our titanium catalyst has excellent color and clarity.

  5. 5.Wide assortment:

    Various grades from homo to copolymer PET are available and molecular weight can also be selected according to the application.

Antimony catalyst PET

  1. 1.In addition to the homo PET resin, a variety of specialty PET resins with enhanced properties such as transparency and gas barrier through copolymerization with a third component are available. Wide range of molecular weight product portfolio as well as various mechanical properties and moldability are also applicable.