Resin, Flame Retardant and Additives

Phosphorus Flame Retardant FCX-210

FCX-210 is a non-halogen flame retardant newly developed by Teijin.It has a different structure from the existing phosphate ester flame retardant and can apply high flame retardancy to various resin types. It also can be applied as an internal additive to paints and adhesives as well as plastics.


High flame retardancy
Structure is different from phosphoric acid ester and offers high fire retardant effect.
Multi-resin applicability
Applicable to various resin types.
Transparent flame retardancy can be achieved depends on resin types.
Hard solubility
Extremely low in water solubility and difficult to elute into water.
High heat resistance
Can be used for materials with high processing temperatures.
Lower addition amount
High in phosphorus content and flame retardancy can be added by only a relatively small amount.