Resin, Flame Retardant and Additives

Cyclic Carbodiimide

Teijin's new resin additive cyclic carbodiimide is cyclic compound containing carbodiimide bonds. It is a new type of additive that exerts various effects depending to resins and applications, including not only suppression of hydrolysis, which is innate ability of carbodiimide additives, but also improving heat resistance and increasing melt viscosity.


Structure and effects of cyclic carbodiimide

Structure schematic of cyclic carbodiimide

Applicable resins and effects of cyclic carbodiimide

Resins Expected effects of cyclic carbodiimide
  • Suppression of hydrolysis by trapping acid
  • Suppression of isocyanate gas generation in kneading process
  • Increasing viscosity by cross-linking reaction
Combinations of the resins above
  • Improvement of compatibility between resins
Thermosetting resins
  • Improvement of heat resistance (Tg) by cross-linking reaction

Novel hydrolysis inhibitor without generation of isocyanate gas

The amount of generated isocyanate gas when added to polylactic acid

GC-MS analysis of the carbodiimide-added PLLA

Cyclic carbodiimide is a hydrolysis inhibitor that does not generate harmful isocyanate gas when mixed with resins thanks to its cyclic structure. It is possible to be manufactured and used safely at manufacturing sites.