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Heavy-Metal-Free Polyester Chip

A polyester chip*1 that does not contain any heavy metal*2 (antimony-free) and comprises a titanium-based catalyst developed using Teijin's unique technology.

Super-bright type



The chip does not contain any antimony-based catalyst*3 (listed as a substance subject to the regulations by Japan's PRTR Law) , which is commonly used for textile polyesters.

No harmful heavy metals are eluted even in post-processing steps such as dying and alkali volume reduction.

The component catalyst does not dissolve even when the chip comes in contact with food etc.

Increased productivity

Deposition of foreign matter around the socket is minimized to lenghthen the interval of cleaning work several folds.

The heavy-metal-free polyester chip used

Deposit height: 0 ~ 1 μm

A chip comprising an antimony-based catalyst used

Deposition of component metal catalyst etc. observed 10 ~ 38 μm

Figure:A photograph of socket hole after spinning at 295℃ for 48hours

Quality improvements

The chip is effective not only in improving polyester dyeability, but also in improving yarn processability.

Environmental load reduction

The metal content ratio is low at one-tenth of that of antimony catalyst, thus reducing the amount of metal contained in the finished product.

Examples of applications

  • Clothings
  • Toys
  • Pet goods
  • Food packages
  • Medical devices

Polymer products lineup

Example specifications

  Remarks IV DEG MP
[dl/g] [wt%] [℃]
Regular type Super-bright 0.65 0.8 256
Copolymer type Low melting point 0.65 220
0.65 0.8 230
Easy bonding 0.63 150
  • *
    These physical properties may be adjusted to meet your demand.
  • *1
    This chip is patented for Teijin's unique technology.
  • *2
    A heavy metal is defined as a metal having a specific gravity of 5 or more.
  • *3
    Diantimony trioxide is used as an antimony-based catalyst, and listed as a Substance to Undergo an Extensive Risk Assessment, specified by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as of FY2011.

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