Teijin’s New NANOFRONT® Bag Filter Offers Efficient Solution for Industrial Air Pollution

Tokyo, Japan, 18 October, 2017 --- Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin group's fiber-product converting company, announced today that it has developed a new bag-type filter using NANOFRONT high-strength ultra-fine polyester fiber that realizes high-efficiency dust collection, energy savings and long life.

Teijin Frontier will market the NANOFRONT Bag Filter mainly to manufacturers of cement, steel and powder, targeting sales of JPY one billion by 2020.

The bag’s inside is lined with ultra-fine NANOFRONT fibers, which have a diameter of just 700 nm, creating a finely porous structure for the extra-efficient collection of dust and powder. The NANOFRONT Bag Filter can reduce fine powder dust emissions by nearly half compared with existing fluorinated-resin membrane bags. The NANOFRONT Bag Filter is expected to satisfy Chinese regulations for powder dust emissions of less than 10mg/m3 in urban areas.

Results of demonstration at cement manufacturing facility

  Fluorinated-resin membrane based bag filters NANOFRONT® Bag Filter
Emissions  6mg/m3 3mg/m3

Note: The above performance is not guaranteed.

Bag filters after usage
Conventional bag filter NANOFRONT® Bag Filter

The NANOFRONT Bag Filter also improves ventilation volume by nearly 50% compared with fluorinated-resin membrane bags, and the interval between cleanings to remove dust and powder is prolonged by about 40%. The NANOFRONT Bag Filter is also expected to improve productivity by more than 10% by and reducing the cleaning duration. Furthermore, the NANOFRONT Bag Filter is expected to last longer thanks to its thick fiber layers.

Results of demonstration at cement manufacturing facility

  Fluorinated-resin membrane based bag filters NANOFRONT® Bag Filter
Pressure loss*1  1,500 Pa 800 Pa
Cleaning cycle*2 270 sec 375 sec

Note: The above performance is not guaranteed.
*1 Pressure loss: Energy loss per unit volume when fluid passes through bag filter
*2 Cleaning cycle: Intervals to remove dust and powder from bag filters

Demands to reduce powder dust emissions are increasing, especially in China. Regulations now effective in urban China have reduced such of emissions from 30mg/m3 to 10mg/m3. Fluorinated-resin membranes are used for conventional bag filters to reduce emissions by thinning the filtering area and increasing the dust-collection amount, but thinner bag filters clog and decrease ventilation volume. Also, such membranes sometimes rupture when exhaust energy is increased and they must be used in a series, which adds additional costs. Teijin Frontier’s NANOFRONT Bag Filter overcomes such problems while achieving highly efficient dust collection and ventilation volume.

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