Teijin to Launch Denim-like Fireproof Aramid Fabric

Tokyo, Japan, December 14, 2016 --- Teijin Limited announced today the launch of Xfire DENIM, a practical and fireproof denim-like aramid fiber fabric for firefighting uniforms. The new aramid fabric is expected to meet the growing demand for extra-maneuverable clothing for volunteer fire corps. Sales of Xfire DENIM will begin this month and Japanese manufacturers will start selling uniforms for fire corps made with Xfire DENIM in 2017.

ebd161214.jpg  Xfire® DENIM

Made with Teijinconex meta-aramid fiber, Xfire DENIM is produced with a proprietary technology to realize a pliant texture similar to that of denim, a universally popular fabric. Xfire DENIM also offers outstanding comfort and design flexibility. The fabric’s unique appearance also is practical because it enables professional and volunteer fire corps to be easily distinguished when working side-by-side.

The launch of Xfire DENIM further strengthens Teijin’s leading position in the Japanese market for protective apparel, where the company is renowned for incorporating high-performance materials in innovative hybrid safety solutions. Looking ahead, Teijin forecasts global sales in its safety and protection field to rise to JPY 20 billion by 2020.

Over the decades, Teijin’s durable, heat-resistant and flame-retardant aramid fibers have provided police, firefighters and chemical-plant workers with increasingly high-performance clothing for added protection and safety. Teijin is the top-selling brand of protective apparel for professional firefighters in Japan, who highly value the heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties of Teijinconex.

Many volunteer fire corps in Japan, however, still use uniforms made of low-flame-retardant materials, so the demand for greater protection is increasing in this segment. Uniforms that also offer enhanced design flexibility, comfort and durability, as well as easy maintenance, are in demand.

About Teijin's Aramid Fibers
Teijin is a world leader in aramid fibers. Renowned for their strength, sustainability, safety, heat resistance and low weight, Twaron, Technora, Teijinconex and Teijinconex neo are used worldwide for applications including automobiles, ballistic protection, marine products, civil engineering, protective clothing, and oil drilling.

Twaron para-aramid fiber is produced by Teijin Aramid in the Netherlands, while Technora para-aramid fiber is produced by Teijin Limited in Japan. Both can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C and offer exceptional strength for bulletproof and stab-resistant protective clothing. They also are excellent materials for automotive brake pads and reinforcement in tires and fiber-optic cables.

Teijinconex meta-aramid fiber produced by Teijin Limited in Japan offers highly durable heat resistance and flame retardation for firefighting protective apparel and industrial uniforms. It is also used as a reinforcement material for heat-resistant filters, rubber belts and turbocharger hoses. In August 2015, Teijin (Thailand) Limited began producing Teijinconex neo, a dyeable meta-aramid fiber offering high heat resistance.

About the Teijin Group
Teijin (TSE: 3401) is a technology-driven global group offering advanced solutions in the areas of sustainable transportation, information and electronics, safety and protection, environment and energy, and healthcare. Its main fields of operation are high-performance fibers such as aramid, carbon fibers & composites, healthcare, films, resin & plastic processing, polyester fibers, products converting and IT. The group has some 150 companies and around 16,000 employees spread out over 20 countries worldwide. It posted consolidated sales of JPY790.7 billion (USD 7.4 billion) and total assets of JPY 823.4 billion (USD 7.7 billion) in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016.

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