Teijin Pharma Launches Patient-information Sharing System for Integrated Community-care Support Businesses

Tokyo, Japan, November 10, 2015 --- Teijin Pharma Limited, the core company of the Teijin Group’s medical and pharmaceutical business, announced the launch of the VitalLink patient-information sharing system for use in integrated community-care support businesses on September 28.

VitalLink will be used to share patients’ healthcare information such as body temperature, pulse, blood pressure and blood-oxygen saturation levels—in real time with doctors, care coordinators and other professionals via their mobile devices. VitalLink enables patients to directly optimize their home healthcare through fast detection of and response to health issues.

Teijin Pharma will market VitalLink to local governments, municipalities and medical associations that are involved with integrated community-care businesses. The company expects to leverage the VitalLink network to expand its business related to integrated community care, including through the provision of medical equipment. Teijin Pharma is targeting sales of more than 10 billion JPY in this field by 2024.

The new IT-supported healthcare service is one of many forward-looking initiatives under Teijin’s Transformation and Growth Strategies for sustainable long-term corporate growth.

The main functions of VitalLink, which was developed by NTT Electronics Corporation, follow.

Communication notebook (SNS)
Enables patients to share information, such as medication counseling, photos and healthcare logs, in real time with healthcare professionals

Vital data sharing
Enables patients to gather and share vital data collected from networked thermometers, sphygmomanometers and pulse oximeters

Dosing information Management
Manages patients’ dosing information based on the latest data of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Enables doctors, care coordinators and other healthcare professionals to schedule patient care systematically

In the age of greying societies, integrated community-care support businesses can enable people who require nursing care to continue living in their homes by providing them with access to services for healthcare, nursing, prevention and livelihood support. Patient-information sharing systems also can play an indispensable role in integrated community care by enabling doctors and other professionals to collaborate in the provision of healthcare services.

Teijin Group, under its Transformation and Growth Strategies plan, is integrating key capabilities among its diverse businesses in the healthcare and IT fields. The Home Healthcare ICT Promotion Department, established by Teijin Pharma in October 2014, is now actively identifying and developing business opportunities in the field of integrated community care.

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