Teijin’s Advanced Carbon Fiber Technology Featured in Car Built by Kogakuin U. for World Solar Challenge

Tokyo, Japan, July 24, 2015 --- The Teijin Group announced today that Toho Tenax Co., Ltd., the core company of the group’s carbon fibers and composites business, and GH Craft Ltd., also a member of the Teijin Group, are supporting Kogakuin University in developing an advanced solar-powered car made with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The vehicle will be entered in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the world’s biggest solar car race, which will take place in Australia from October 18 to 25.

The Teijin Group supplied the university with ultra-lightweight fabric made with TENAX carbon fiber, which was used to design and fabricate the racing vehicle’s 2-seater body. GH Craft has been involved from the concept stage in developing the all-carbon composite body. TENAX ultra-lightweight fabric enabled the bodyweight to be reduced by 55kg, but still ensures practicality and safety, as well as the tensile modulus (rigidity) and tenacity (strength) needed to withstand endurance racing.

Toho Tenax, together with Sakai Ovex Co., Ltd., developed an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber fabric as thin as 0.06 mm in 2010. The CFRP produced with this material was used to fabricate the car body.

GH Craft, founded in 1972, is engaged in all stages of composite structure fabrication, including design, molding and structural evaluation. It is a leader in developing CFRP composite structures for transportation, including in the automotive, marine, rail and aerospace industries, as well as wind power generation equipment in the energy field.

In addition to thermoset CFRP developed by Toho Tenax and GH Craft, the Teijin Group is researching and developing thermoplastic CFRP at its Teijin Composites Innovation Center. Teijin markets thermoset and thermoplastic CFRP applications through its Automotive Business Development Group.

Going forward, the Teijin Group will continue to leverage its all-round capabilities to develop advanced CFRP solutions for automotive purposes, one of many ways Teijin is establishing its position as a global leader in carbon fiber and composites.

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