Nantong Teijin Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Tokyo, Japan, April 17, 2014 --- Teijin Group announced that China-based Nantong Teijin Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group’s polyester textile manufacturing and processing company handling the weaving and dyeing of recyclable polyester textiles and the manufacture and processing of polyester textiles in China, will celebrate its 20th anniversary on April 18.

At the time of founding

At the present time

Nantong Teijin was established in March 1994 to dye and sell polyester, beginning with lining material in 1995 and then outer material in 1997. It added fabric weaving in 1998 and has continued to expand ever since.

When the Teijin Group established Nantong Teijin, it became the first Japanese manufacturer of synthetic textiles to operate in the Nantong Economic & Technological Development Zone. Over the years, the Group has set up additional companies in the zone, focusing on industrial materials for the automotive industry. Teijin Modern Yarn (Nantong) Co., Ltd. was set up in November 2003 to manufacture and sell long-fiber compound processed yarn and circular knitted fabric for automotive use. Teijin Automotive Fabrics Finishing (Nantong) Co., Ltd. was added in December 2005 to manufacture and sell fabrics for car seats and interiors. And most recently, N.I. Teijin Airbag Fabric (Nantong) Co., Ltd. was established in October 2011 to manufacture, process and sell automotive airbag materials.

Technical Center Asia was formed in Shanghai in April 2013 as a base for developing applications, technologies and services involving aramid textiles. To further accelerate product development, the Teijin Group recently opened the Teijin (China) Product Development Center, turning the Group’s China base into a one-stop operation for manufacturing, applications development and sales.

In March 2012, the Teijin Group concluded a basic agreement with the China Chemical Fibers Association to partner in advancing China’s textile industry while expanding the Group’s presence. As the first phase of this partnership, the Group established Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials Co., Ltd. in Shaoxing, Zhejiang to manufacture and sell textiles made with chemically recycled polyester.

According to Jun Suzuki, president of Teijin Co., Ltd., “Nantong Teijin has reached its 20th anniversary thanks to the support and collaboration of Nantong and the city’s Development Zone, as well as many others in China and Japan. We truly appreciate everyone’s assistance. Looking ahead, the new Teijin (China) Product Development Center will enable us to further accelerate all processes, from applications development to mass production, on a one-stop basis. The Teijin Group hopes to build on its achievements so far to realize even greater progress in the delivery of new materials and products from Nantong to the global market.”

The Teijin Group has made China a top-priority market in its growth strategy over the medium to long term. The Group is targeting further growth by expanding its bases for manufacturing and development and forming strategic alliances with Chinese partners, including with a focus on environmental businesses. Nantong Teijin, now entering its third decade, will serve as a key center in this strategy by helping to pioneer continuing advancement of China’s chemical fiber industry.

About the Teijin Group
Teijin (TSE: 3401) is a technology-driven global group offering advanced solutions in the areas of sustainable transportation, information and electronics, safety and protection, environment and energy, and healthcare. Its main fields of operation are high-performance fibers such as aramid, carbon fibers & composites, healthcare, films, resin & plastic processing, polyester fibers, products converting and IT. The group has some 150 companies and around 17,000 employees spread out over 20 countries worldwide. It posted consolidated sales of JPY 745.7 billion (USD 7.4 billion) and total assets of JPY 762.4 billion (USD 7.6 billion) in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013. 

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