Teijin Develops and Commercializes Innovative Separators for Growing Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Market

Tokyo, Japan, February 6, 2012 ---Teijin Limited announced today that its newly developed and highly innovative separator for lithium ion secondary batteries (LIBs) uses the world's first coating made of a fluorine-based compound, which achieves superior heat resistance and adhesion for unprecedented improvements in output and safety in laminated-type LIBs for tablets and smartphones.

LielsortTeijin will now offer two types of innovative separators under the Lielsort brand, including a highly heat-resistant separator the company developed in 2007. The product is coated with Teijinconex meta-aramid and achieves unprecedented capacity and energy density as well as enhanced safety and lifespan for liquid-electrolyte cylindrical LIBs used in products including PCs and vehicles.

logoLielsort, in addition to improving output by about 20% compared to conventional LIBs, also can be combined with a high-potential positive electrode to extend the battery's lifespan by several times longer than batteries with existing separators. High-power, high-capacity, high-energy-density LIBs have potential for numerous applications, including tablets and vehicles, the two main uses that are propelling the current LIB separator market. Teijin's sales target for its innovative separator business is 20 billion yen by the year 2020.

Teijin has used its expertise in polymeric chemistry to develop the world's first technology for simultaneously coating both sides of the separator. It also developed a high-speed coating technology that is five times faster than conventional coating. Both technologies enable more efficient production.

To support full-scale commercialization, Teijin has established a separator manufacturing company in Asan, South Korea called Teijin CNF Korea Co., Ltd. The company, a joint venture with CNF, a major film processor, will begin production in June. Teijin also established a wholly owned subsidiary called Teijin Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. to sell both separators. The Seoul-based company began operating in January. This production and sales network, which has close connections to South Korean companies, the world leaders in LIB production, also will provide Teijin with a secure foothold for penetrating the Chinese market.

Teijin's innovative Lielsort separators, which have already been approved by leading battery manufacturers, are now ready for initial shipments. Going forward, Teijin will accelerate production and work to establish Lielsort as the de facto standard for next-generation LIB specifications.
About Lielsort
The new separator, which is coated with a fluorine-based compound, is designed for use in laminated-type LIBs. Such LIBs, which feature a gel polymer electrolyte, are used in tablets and smartphones. The new separator readily adheres to the polymer electrolyte and is highly resistant to oxidation, resulting in LIBs that offer greater safety, higher output and longer lifespans.
The highly heat-resistant separator coated with Teijinconex meta-aramid maintains its shape even at 250℃. In spot heating tests, Teijin has verified that the separator does not break down even at 350℃. Also, thanks to the separator's superior resistance to oxidation, it enables unprecedented capacity and energy density for liquid-electrolyte cylindrical LIBs used in products including PCs and vehicles. These LIBs also achieve higher levels of safety and longer lifespans than conventional LIBs.
The LIB market is expected to become an 8-trillion yen market by 2020. Stimulated by continuing growth in tablets and electric vehicles, LIBs are expected to achieve even greater capacity and energy density. Currently, LIBs mainly comprise larger cylindrical lithium ion batteries for PCs and vehicles and smaller laminated lithium ion batteries for tablets and smartphones. Continuing advancements are being realized with both types.
Until now, LIB separators have used porous films such as polyethylene to isolate the positive and negative electrodes as well as exchange lithium ions between them. With continuing increases in both capacity and energy density, however, LIBs have been found to ignite, which has created demand for more heat-resistant separators.

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