Healthcare Business Field: Delivering New Comprehensive Healthcare Services Beyond Existing Insurance- Based Services/Hiroshi Uno Senior Executive Officer, Member of the Board President, Healthcare Business of Teijin Group

We aim to drive further business expansion based on our business platform in pharmaceuticals and home healthcare with a history of over 40 years.

Ceaseless Evolution and Ambition Lies in Our Genes

Our launch of the healthcare business can be traced back to the 1970s. Since then, we have steadily undertaken in-house research and development activities spanning both pharmaceuticals and medical devices, in conjunction with focusing on priority fields, specifically bone and joint, cardiovascular and metabolic and respiratory diseases. In addition, the Teijin Group became a pioneer by developing Japan's first home oxygen therapy (HOT) business and today boasts a customer base with the top market share* in Japan. As healthcare needs continue to diversify, Teijin will work to establish an even more innovative business platform for healthcare by leveraging technologies and expertise amassed over the past 40 plus years.

To address diversifying needs, we will strive to transform our business model by expanding our business to new fields without restricting ourselves to existing insurance-based healthcare services.

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    Estimated from external reports and Teijin's rental volume

The History of Teijin Healthcare Business

Figure: The History of Teijin Healthcare Business

Provide Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Impacts of a Progressively Aging Society

With the aging of society progressing apace in Japan, the number of people contracting lifestyle diseases, multiple diseases is expected to increase sharply. Burgeoning medical costs in line with the increase in the number of people requiring care presents a major issue for society as a whole.

In terms of medical infrastructure, shortfalls in the number of hospital beds and nursing care facilities are expected to become increasingly acute in step with the increase in the number of people requiring care in such facilities. As a result, the need for home medical and nursing care is anticipated to increase further in the years ahead.

How to Address New Healthcare Needs

Disease prevention is rapidly becoming more and more important as a means of curtailing medical costs and responding to people's desire to lead long lives due to good health. It has also become necessary to develop a social environment that encourages behavior that is beneficial to health, including a proper diet, and suitable levels of exercise and sleep, to prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases and the aggravation of those diseases.

Another major theme is to develop a comprehensive community healthcare system. This is essentially a platform that will allow people to comprehensively receive prevention and nursing care, as well as treatment for diseases, in the familiar surroundings of their local communities. Comprehensive community healthcare will also provide an important means of countering the anticipated shortfall in hospital beds and nursing care facilities going forward.

Furthermore, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and analysis of big data driven by innovation in IT are expected to contribute immensely to the development of preventive healthcare, including guidance on healthy lifestyles. With significant advances being made in digital healthcare and telemedicine, the application of IT to healthcare is opening up new possibilities for generating previously unseen solutions.

Targeting Comprehensive Services Encompassing Non-Insurance Fields

The concept of healthcare businesses is set to undergo a dramatic change. In this environment, companies such as Teijin that are developing healthcare businesses must also significantly change their approaches.

We envision a future in which we meet the many and varied healthcare needs of people by expanding our business from the insurance-based healthcare services centered on the treatment of diseases we have undertaken to date, to non-insurance business fields such as pre-symptomatic, preventive care and nursing care.

Over the years, the Healthcare Business has developed strengths such as the expertise needed to obtain clinical evidence and the capability of foreseeing the benefits that will be generated by new services. We are determined to expand our comprehensive healthcare services based on those strengths.

We will proactively allocate resources to new fields. For example, we will pursue collaboration on a nursing care platform with Infocom Corporation, an IT subsidiary, as well as provide digital support services for health management and develop rehabilitation equipment.

Strengthening Our Cutting-Edge Healthcare Business Platform

Establishing Data Platforms Using AI and IoT

Looking ahead, we will work to enhance patient care support through in-home nursing care services and clinical support using communication devices. At the same time, we will take steps to ensure our medical products are IoT enabled and to apply AI to home healthcare call centers. Through these steps, we aim to establish healthcare data platforms.

In addition, in 2015, we commenced sales of VitalLink, a multidisciplinary collaboration and information sharing system. VitalLink will serve as a platform to provide the aforementioned cutting-edge healthcare services, and is positioned as a crucial infrastructure that will support our transformation strategy. By supporting team-based healthcare involving both doctors and medical staff, these efforts are expected to help realize high-quality care for patients along with improving the productivity of medical professionals.

Through this organic collaboration between services and data, we will establish a cutting-edge healthcare business platform. Combined with regional healthcare networks, we aim to provide even higher caliber healthcare services.

Diversify the Lineup of Products and Services

Delivering New Products and Services Using Our Own Business Platform

In addition to those new medical products, including rehabilitation robotics, that we have already begun marketing, we aim to introduce and supply diagnostic and treatment products using ICT in fields such as the cranial nervous system in the near future. Moreover, as the use of digital healthcare continues to increase, we aim to expand new services in fields such as sleep wellness and nursing care.

Furthermore, in the orthopedic implantable devices business, we will press ahead with business expansion in the fields of artificial joints and bone-bonding materials, led by Teijin Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd. In other areas, specifically the functional food ingredients business, we will expand our product lineup alongside the enhanced barley product that is currently on the market.

Figure: Upgrading and Expanding the Product and Service Lineup

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