Global Strategy: Regional Strategies Based on the Characteristics of Each Business/Yoshihisa Sonobe Executive Officer, Member of the Board Chief Officer (Global Business Strategy)

To date, Teijin has been working tirelessly to advance the globalization of its operations. In fiscal 2016, overseas sales represented around 40% of net sales. Following the acquisition of CSP in the U.S. in January 2017, the ratio of overseas sales is expected to increase even further.

Global business expansion can take many different forms. For example, in the Materials Business, there are businesses that are at the stage of focusing on cutting-edge development with specific customers in developed countries, while in other businesses, we are promoting the development of a wide range of applications with a view to expanding globally. In the Healthcare Business, we must develop business based on an awareness of the healthcare systems in each country. Considering these business characteristics, we will strengthen regional management structures straddling businesses in order to realize synergies as a group, and work to develop systems to efficiently manage overseas businesses and formulate regional strategies.

Figure: Global Strategy