The Teijin Group Corporate Philosophy and The CSR Basic Policy

Ceaseless Evolution and Ambition

Endeavoring to Provide New Solutions That Contribute to Enhancing the Quality of Life for All

The Teijin Group upholds its brand statement “Human Chemistry, Human Solutions” as its promise to society and its customers. Guided by this statement, we are globally expanding our businesses in materials, healthcare, and IT, as well as in their respective overlapping domains. In line with our corporate philosophy, we continue striving to enhance the quality of life of people everywhere.

We will continue to focus on technological innovation and to create and deliver unique solutions, i.e., value, in response to various global issues and needs. In doing so, the Teijin Group aims to be “an enterprise that is essential to tomorrow's society,” and also to be a prominent, globally admired corporate group.

Teijin Group Corporate Philosophy / 1.Enhancing the Quality of Life / 2.In Harmony with Society / 3.Empowering Our People

Brand Statement

Human Chemistry, Human Solutions

Our promise is to keep delivering real value through the development of chemical technologies that are friendly to both people and the global environment, and through the provision of solutions that society and our customers expect.

For People's Life and Society

Teijin advances CSR activities that are strongly rooted in our corporate philosophy in order to realize better lives for people and a better society.

The basic goals of the Teijin Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are articulated by our corporate philosophy of “Enhancing the Quality of Life,” “In Harmony with Society,” and “Empowering Our People.”

To realize better lives for people and a better society, we have formulated the CSR Basic Policy and are advancing CSR activities that are strongly rooted in our corporate philosophy under the leadership of the Chief Social Responsibility Officer.

CSR Basic Policy (FY2017–FY2019)

  • 1.
    Basic Stance: Sustainable Development of Business and Society
    Work positively and proactively on important issues related to corporate social responsibility such as the environment, society and governance (CSR materiality) with high sensitivity to aim for sustainable development of business and society as “an enterprise that is essential to tomorrow's society.”
  • 2.
    Contribute to Society through Business
    Proactively grasp those problems that society needs to solve related to the environment, safety/security/disaster mitigation and health, and provide sustainable solutions to such problems through business.
  • 3.
    ‌Appropriately Respond to Various Risks
    Manage various risks related to business activities appropriately such as corporate ethics and compliance, environmental impacts, quality assurance, occupational safety, etc., and demonstrate strong resilience even when risks actualize.
  • 4.
    Dialogue with Society to Improve Continuously
    Maintain positive dialogue with society and continuously improve these recognitions and practices. At the same time, contribute to gaining and maintaining social recognition as a “CSR advanced enterprise” globally.

UN Global Compact


Since 2011 the Teijin Group has endorsed and been a member of the UN Global Compact, which sets voluntary principles concerning human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, to promote and practically implement high-quality CSR management as a global company engaged in business.