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Graph: Breakdown of Consolidated Net Sales (in Fiscal 2016)

Materials Healthcare IT and Othres


Material Business Group

We are expanding globally, with a focus on high-performance fibers, such as aramid fibers and carbon fibers, as well as polycarbonate resin and polyester film.

Figure: Principal products / Principal applications

Polyester Fibers & Trading and Retail Business Group

We provide a wide range of solutions from materials development to providing products, to meet a variety of needs in markets, in addition to undertaking integrated R&D, production and sales of polyester fibers.

Figure: Principal products and services

Composites and others

We are pushing ahead with nurturing and growing new businesses in the materials business fields.

Figure: Principal products and services


Healthcare Business Group

We provide unique medical solutions by leveraging our strengths in both the pharmaceuticals and home healthcare fields.

Figure: Principal products / Home healthcare

IT and Others

IT Business Group

We provide various IT services, along with internet services such as e-comics services.

Figure: Business Solutions / Digital Entertainment

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