Q&A:Management Policy and Strategy

How does Teijin ensure sustainable growth in shareholder value over the medium to long term?

Teijin has a brand statement of Human Chemistry, Human Solutions. It summarizes our brand strategy, which is to continue to develop chemical technologies that are friendly to both people and the global environment and to keep providing solutions that deliver the real value that society and our customers expect. We believe that medium- and long-term sustainable growth of Teijin's corporate value will be achieved by following triangle business administration—business strategy, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for environmental management and social contribution—in accordance with the above principle.

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What is Teijin's R&D strategy?

The Teijin Group recognizes that technological innovation is essential to sustainable growth. We will establish group-wide R&D strategies including for fundamental research, and facilitate enhancement of collaboration among the Group companies to concentrate R&D resources in promising fields, and to expedite the transformation of technological achievements into commercially viable products.

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What steps are you taking to develop new businesses?

We will enhance our basic technologies common to the Group companies including synthetic and polymer chemistry to develop new businesses. As part of this effort, we have established the Teijin Technology Innovation Center in Iwakuni Factory to enable merger of various internal and external technologies, and deliver results through joint research.

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