NANOFRONT Technology

Teijin's NANOFRONT is the world's first ultra-fine polyester nanofiber. With a diameter of merely 700 nanometers, one fiber is 1/7500 of a human hair.

NANOFRONT®(fiber diameter 700 nm)

Microfiber (fiber diameter 2μm)

Hair (diameter 60μm)

Before NANOFRONT, quality mass production of consistently uniform nano fiber was not possible. However, by building on Teijin's accumulated chemical technology and cutting-edge R&D to develop new technology, mass production is now a reality.

The fabric features more than 10 times the surface density compared to conventional nano-fabrics. This provides increased water absorbancy and absorption properties and excellent permeability. Moreover, the fabric is soft on the skin, minimizing the possiblity of irritation. Thanks to these unique properties, it is ideal for use in sportswear, innerwear, skin care products, anti-bacterial filters, precision polishing cloths, among others in a wide range of applications.

And depending on customer needs and use, textile, knitted fabric, non-woven fabric or a final product using one of these can all be offered.

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