The Benefits of NANOFRONT

Easy wiping

Nano-level fibers help remove even
fine dirt and dust particles

Micron-level thick oily residue has proved difficult to wipe clean with current fabrics. NANOFRONT's 700-nanometer diameter fibers are much smaller than oil and fine dust, making it excellent for wiping clean even minute particles.

2,000 times magnification 2,000 times magnification 10.00μm Dirt remaining after wiping->NANOFRONT®、Competitor's productA、Competitor's productB

Products Using NANOFRONT®

Dust cloth

Application image: Dust cloth for TV, Tablet, Kitchen counter, Window, etc.

Ultra-fine fibers wipe away even oily, embedded dirt particles / Even with a light touch, soft nano-fibers wipe clean without damaging the surface / Outstanding absorption properties let you wipe clean without leaving a trace


Application image: Facemask, Puff, Towel

Soft fit that holds well / Ideal for wiping of sebum and dirt

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