The Benefits of NANOFRONT


Nano-size Ultra-fine Fibers for
a Gentle Supple Fit

The suppleness of a fiber is inversely proportional to the fiber's thickness to the fourth power. For example, compared to normal polyester fiber with a diameter of 15μm, NANOFRONT is 200,000 times more supple. The improved softness means less stress from friction on the skin.

Reddening of the skin (measured with Mexameter®MX18)
Mexameter is a registered trademark of Integral Corporation. When skin becomes irritated hemoglobin gathers in the capillaries to cure it, making it appear red NANOFRONT®:Color index(Redness)約25 Normal polyester:Color index(Redness)約80 Cotton:Color index(Redness)約150

Change in moisture evaporation rate through the skin (measured with Tewameter®TM300)
Tewameter is a registered trademark of Integral Corporation. Removing the horny layer of the skin increases the amount of water evaporated from inside the skin NANOFRONT®:Moisture evaporation rate (g / h / m2)(Damage)約0.3 Normal polyester:Moisture evaporation rate (g / h / m2)(Damage)約1 Cotton:Moisture evaporation rate (g / h / m2)(Damage)約2

Products Using NANOFRONT®


Application image: Facemask, Puff, Towel

Soft fit that holds well / Ideal for wiping of sebum and dirt


Application image: Socks, Shoe insoles, Spats, Supporter

Genlte fit that doesn't restrict motion / Minimize slipping on floors and prevent socks from falling off

Inner Wear

Application image: Inner ware, Bra, Spats

Dry comfort / Support muscles without restricting motion

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