The Benefits of NANOFRONT

Thermal barrier

Dense fabrics that are thin,
Lightweight and can block near infrared light

Fabric cross section The ultra-fine fiber structure achieves a high-level of diffuse reflection

Made of 700-nanometer diameter fibers, the woven fabric is lightweight and high-density, allowing it to reflect near infrared light that transmits heat.
The reflective properties also make the fabric energy effecient to help protect the body from heat stroke.

Overhead temperature comparison Heat Blocking Parasol Using NANOFRONT® Conventional product A NANOFRONT parasol features a high heat blocking effect.
By minimizing the increase in temperature, you can actually feel less heat on the top of your head.

Products Using NANOFRONT®


Application image: Parasole, Tent, Buggy (Stroller)

The thin, lightweight fabric can keep you cool and comfortable / 5 degree less compared to standard polyester type according to internal study / Cut UV Rays and the Risk of Heat Stroke


Application image: Blinds, Curtains, Japanese shoji paper

Cut UV Rays in Summer and Keep Cool / Combined with Polyester for Blineds that And Hard to Tear / The Texture of Japanese Paper with Gentle Light

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