The Benefits of NANOFRONT


Nano-level Undulations Yield a Greater Surface Area for Increased Gripping Power

Dry/Wet Frictional Resistance Test NANOFRONT® DRY:frictional resistance about 300cN NANOFRONT® WET:frictional resistance about 400cN Normal polyester DRY:frictional resistance about 100cN Normal polyester WET:frictional resistance about 150cN Urethane coating DRY:frictional resistance about 100cN Urethane coating WET:frictional resistance about 80cN

The surface density of fabric made with NANOFRONT is about 10 times greater than other fabrics. And since the undulations are at the nano-level, the fiber surface produces a large frictional force for strong gripping power.

Products Using NANOFRONT®


Application image: Gloves for Golf, Rock climbing, Rescue, etc.

Excellent durability / Soft feel and snug fitting / Great grip that holds up to rain and sweat


Application image: Socks, Shoe insoles, Spats, Supporter

Strong-grip fabric reduces slipping inside your shoes / Support for motor functions / Stop socks from falling off


Application image: Bed cover

Keep sheets from coming off the mattress

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