CSR Management

Under the strong leadership of the Chief Social Responsibility Officer, the Teijin Group is promoting group-wide CSR activities. We classify various CSR issues into three fields, and have created a CSR management system that is appropriate to each issue.

Features of Activities to Promote CSR

The Teijin Group positions CSR to be an important element of corporate management, and aims to promote CSR as an integral part of management. We have created the post of Chief Social Responsibility Officer to act as proxy for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in managing all CSR-related affairs and we are promoting activities under his strong leadership.

To implement the Teijin Group's CSR management in a unified, efficient manner, various CSR issues are classified into three fields, "basic," "expansive" and "selective." A main division/organization in charge is specified for the important CSR issues (materiality), and starting with planning for the medium- to long-term and single fiscal years, we repeat the Plan, Do, Check, Action (PDCA) cycle to achieve ongoing improvement and enhancement of our CSR activities.

On April 1, 2017, the Teijin Group newly established a CSR Planning and Promotion Department under the responsibility of the Chief Social Responsibility Officer. This department aims to achieve integrated management for the promotion of CSR materiality and further strengthen information-sharing and dialogue with both internal and external stakeholders. 

Basic CSR

Areas positioned as “basic” social responsibility. Basic CSR is promoted under the direct control and supervision of the Chief Social Responsibility Officer. While observing laws and international standards, we are striving to reach a level beyond these standards.

Expansive CSR

In order to respond to various social requirements, this field is promoted by the other officers and/or the president of each business area in collaboration with the Chief Social Responsibility Officer who advises/supports them. This field includes human resources/labor and purchasing/procurement to meet supply chain needs.

Selective CSR

In "selective" CSR, companies conduct voluntary activities irrespective of legal obligations. The Teijin Group is proactively promoting value creation through business for various social issues and rolling out various social contribution activities in this field.

CSR Pyramid

Selective CSR:Value creation addressing social issues, Social contribution activities Expansive CSR:Human resources/Labor; Purchasing/Procurement Basic CSR:Compliance; Risk management, ESH (Environment, Safety and disaster prevention, and Health), Product liability/Quality assurance