Quality Assurance

Ensuring Provision of Safe Products

Enhancing the Product Liability/Quality Assurance System

Enrichment of Quality Assurance Training

In quality assurance, it is imperative that activities focus not on factories alone, but rather all organizations involved in products, including sales. As such, in FY2017, the Teijin Group expanded the scope of its quality training, which previously primarily targeted factories, to also include sales divisions.

Establishment of a Quality Assurance System for New Businesses

The CSR and Compliance Department spares no effort in supporting establishment of a quality assurance system for new businesses and enhancing the quality level of products for the Teijin Group overall.

In FY2017, the CSR and Compliance Department supported the establishment of quality assurance systems for group companies responsible for rolling out new businesses.

Continuing Operation of and Strengthening the Security Export Control System

For the Teijin Group, whose business is expanding globally, compliance with laws and a fully functioning security export control system are vitally important. In light of this, we have established the Group Security Export Control Regulations governing the corresponding Security Export Control Regulations and Detailed Implementation Rules, which apply to each group company that conducts exports. We implement this via a dual-level control system, placing specialist back-office staff at the head office and business groups to ensure a highly reliable level of security export control.

The laws that must be complied with in security export control are frequently amended, so an important factor in training activities is to ensure high levels of awareness and thoroughness in regard to the latest information. In this regard, we conduct regular training and promote skills development of employees by encouraging them to sit external practical skills certification exams.

In FY2017, business group committee members gathered in September and December for the Group Security Export Control Conference. These opportunities allowed participants to clarify precautions for security export control through introducing actual examples, as well as offered information on the latest regulation trends and the importance of security export control by an internal seminar presented by a guest speaker.