Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Basic Policy

The Teijin Group defines its CSR Basic Policy as follows in line with the Medium-Term Management Plan for 2017-2019.

CSR Basic Policy (2017-2019)
1. Basic Stance: Sustainable Development of Business and Society
Work positively and proactively on important issues related to corporate social responsibility such as the environment, society and governance (CSR materiality) with high sensitivity to aim for sustainable development of business and society as "an enterprise that is essential to tomorrow's society."
2. Contribute to Society through Business
Proactively grasp those problems that society needs to solve related to the environment, safety/security/disaster mitigation and health, and provide sustainable solutions to such problems through business.
3. Appropriately Respond to Various Risks
Manage various risks related to business activities appropriately such as corporate ethics and compliance, environmental impacts, quality assurance, occupational safety, etc., and demonstrate strong resilience even when risks actualize.
4. Dialogue with Society to Improve Continuously
Maintain positive dialogue with society and continuously improve these recognitions and practices. At the same time, contribute to gaining and maintaining social recognition as a "CSR advanced enterprise" globally.